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"To Forgive; is to be Forgiven"
Rating:  (10.00)
Color: orange
Shade: neutral
Theme: SpiritualOwner: kahsr
Images: [1280x1024]
Posts: 344 commentsViews: 17622

"Beyond the Cross"
Rating:  (9.50)
Color: green
Shade: neutral
Theme: SpiritualOwner: supermateo18
Images: [640x480]
Posts: 22 commentsViews: 9823

Rating:  (9.00)
Color: blue
Shade: very dark
Theme: SpiritualOwner: mindaugasf
Images: [800x600] [1024x768]
Posts: 20 commentsViews: 10332

"Repairer of the Breech"
Rating:  (8.50)
Color: blue
Shade: neutral
Theme: SpiritualOwner: crymsonglory
Images: [800x600] [1024x768]
Posts: 32 commentsViews: 10790

Rating:  (8.47)
Color: blue
Shade: neutral
Theme: SpiritualOwner: eattree
Images: [800x600]
Posts: 25 commentsViews: 22421

"Sunset Cross"
Rating:  (8.33)
Color: mixed
Shade: dark
Theme: SpiritualOwner: jozantonio
Images: [640x480]
Posts: 20 commentsViews: 10809
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