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i don't know these plants :)

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Theme: Nature
Owner: konni
not telling where i got the picture from, sorry, but i still think its nice :)
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User Comments

truckette2 writes:
I have seen FAR more beutiful,interesting photos than this one...but this one has gotten more feed back then any others...Jezz GET A LIFE!

nativesouljah writes:
fuCKin right Bitch! dat5 wut im talkin Bout!

travlnphil writes:
and I've been trying to use photos of my own plants!

hippichick writes:
how the hell do i get this background????

tux writes:

holot2that writes:
lets get high!!!!

luvnature writes:
So, this is how it looks like?

pepper writes:
awesome, awesome and awesome

lushesone writes:
Okay.....THAT's WHAt I'm TALKIN' BOUT. There should be more of these on here!!

konni writes:
I'm pretty sure we all don't know :)

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